14th Edition Released

Learn the League has been completely updated for Season 5! This comes with over 160 images updated for the gorgeous new Summoner's Rift visuals:





Pretending for a moment that I didn't forget to photoshop in the base gates in that second shot... everything looks so much better now!

Clarity is the other thing that took a big step forward with the 14th edition. Nearly everything in the e-book is now shown from the perspective of blue team rather than swapping between teams, and a lot of muddy text passages have been tidied up.

Hope you guys enjoy this! My next order of business are some much-needed site improvements, including getting Ewa's amazing Syndra artwork on here.


13th Edition Revision 2 Released

Oct 11th, 2014. Once again I'm bringing things up to date with current patches. While the overall changes with these revisions would normally warrant being called a new edition, I'm still holding off until the Summoner's Rift visual update before I actually make this name change.

Known issue: In an early section I illustrate some design elements on League's out-of-game client. Unfortunately since I've moved from Seattle to the San Francisco area I haven't had an opportunity to set up the drawing tablet again, which means I can't easily re-illustrate these. It's super minor and doesn't affect the accuracy in any way but it's one of those things that bugs me.

13th Edition Revision Released

July 27th, 2014. With today's update I'm bringing everything up-to-date with recent patches. The 13th edition came with a ton of newly-written content, and in this revision I've also gone through and fixed a multitude of typos in this content. Thanks to all the astute readers who caught these!


13th Edition Released

Feb 21, 2014. I am very excited (and relieved) to announce that the 13th edition is finally released and available for download! The core of this update are five new sections for advanced players:

  • Introduction to Advanced League
  • Tactics
  • Strategy
  • Grand Strategy & Team Compositions
  • Mental Preparedness

These sections contain over 130 pages of new content along with dozens of new illustrations. Beyond these sections, there were several other major changes:

  • An updated Map Vision section which covers the changes in Season 4 and more concisely explains strategic vision and ideal ward locations
  • A streamlined Champion Roles & Recommendations section which has been redesigned to better introduce new players to each of the roles
  • Several small additions and rewrites to Practical Tips & Advice (formerly "Playing to Win") and New Player Advice, as well as large addition of new terms to the Glossary
  • Updates throughout the e-book for Season 4

I am proud of the improvements made in the 12th and 13th editions and I sincerely hope you'll enjoy them. From here I'll need to make updates around the site to get everything up to date (and show off some new commissioned artwork from Ewa Labak), then I'll be getting to work on some new content. 🙂

Thanks for all your support!


Member News

Feb 16, 2014. The new "Strategy" section is done, meaning much of the new content for the 13th edition is now completed and available for members. I'll give some more details out soon, but the number I'm excited about: the new sections amount to 129 pages of brand new content.

At this point I am going through the e-book section-by-section to bring the last bits up to date for Season 4. I am really excited to finally be able to call this the 13th edition. It's been a long time coming. 🙂


Feb 11, 2014. I'm proud to announce the addition of a brand new, very extensive section called "Grand Strategy & Team Compositions." This goes into detail on how team types work against each other, what the strengths and weaknesses are of various team compositions, and how you can use this to create better teams both in solo play and in organized teams. If you want a holistic picture of League strategy and you want to understand and analyze tournaments on a deeper level you need to read this section.

On a personal level, life has been unexpectedly stressful for the last two months due to a family emergency. In real terms, I've needed to take care of my son full-time for parts of January, have needed to organize a lot of moving, and have had to get a lot of things in order (including getting my office set up in a new area). Between this and a new (and awesome) contract I picked up in December, there has been little time to finish up these updates and be involved in the League community. I sincerely appreciate your patience through this.

That said, I hope the quality of the content I'm delivering this week makes up for it. The 13th edition would have been done two months ago if I had just made a round of Season 4 updates. But I'm really proud of these new sections and I think they were really worth taking the time to put together.

Grand Strategy & Team Compositions is the fourth of five new sections. The fifth and final new section is "Strategy," which I'm hoping to deliver tomorrow or Thursday. After this, I will do one final pass to update information for Season 4, and then I'll be officially releasing the 13th edition. When this is complete, the e-book will no longer be on sale at $19, so if you're on the fence, make sure you get your membership now.

Thanks for all the support and interest!


Dec 25, 2013. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! I was really hoping to have the rest of this update out for Christmas, but since it's not quite ready, I want to let you guys know where it's at:

If you haven't logged in recently or haven't purchased the e-book, most of the planned content for the 13th edition is already available for download. This includes a big section called "Mental Preparedness" (which was updated again since my last news post), as well as another section on game theory and balance. I also updated the map vision and summoner's rift guidebook sections, though I'll need to do another pass on these before the final product since you can no longer mouseover inventory items to see ward counts.

I took an unplanned detour into a new section on positioning. I had been considering holding off on this until a later edition, but it was bugging me enough that I started writing it. Then it turned into something more.

The new sections that I'm finishing up are on positioning, movement, tactics, and strategy. Some of the discussion here is, in my opinion, among the best writing I've ever done, and they're coming with some really solid illustrations as well. I've been absorbing myself in reading and thinking about strategy to a point where I finally feel that I have a very strong holistic understanding of League strategy - actually, on just about all game strategy across just about any game. The cool thing is, I think I'm explaining it well enough that just about anyone can pick it up and understand it as well. Beyond the new content, these sections also unify a lot of concepts that were previously scattered or alluded in other areas of the e-book.

It's taking a while, but it's going to be good. As I write this I've finished the layout, the bullet points, and the photoshop work for these sections, and what's left now is filling out text. This is time consuming in itself, but it's just a matter of finding the time this week to do it.

Once the new sections are up, I'll need to do a pass through the rest of the e-book for minor updates and some reorganization to make sure the rest of the Season 4 updates are totally accounted for.

TLDR: The e-book is in a good place right now, but the official update is taking a bit longer because I'm working on some really cool new additions. I wish the update was already out, but I promise it's worth the wait. 🙂


Nov 28, 2013. It's been one week and the e-book updates are rolling in. So far, I've completed rewrites on both the Map Vision and Summoner's Rift Guidebook sections. More substantial is the addition of a large section called "Mental Preparedness," which covers a lot of subjects related to playing and learning the game in ways that fit your own personality, as well as a few other related subjects.

Up next I'll be adding at least two more brand new sections, and I'd like to get these in over the Thanksgiving weekend. Once these are done I'll be finishing updates to the Jungle and Champion Roles sections.

If you want to grab the book while it's on sale, just be aware, once the 13th edition is totally completed (likely sometime next week) the price will be going up. I'll try to keep some sort of sale price on it for the holidays, though. Don't forget, if you buy it now, you'll get everything coming out in the future as well. 🙂


Nov 21, 2013. Preseason is out! For members, this means the 13th edition is coming out soon, so make sure you're checking back over the next several days and downloading the updated sections on the e-book. At this moment I'm working on overhauling the map vision section, but there are a number of other major sections that are affected by these changes as well.

For this new edition, I have two major new sections that I've been gathering ideas for over the last month. The first is a subject that I really haven't approached too much (by choice) up to this point, which is mental preparedness. The second is on teamfight and map positioning, and I feel I've got a far better way to present this than I've had in the past. This is an advanced section with some detailed strategies, and I've been holding off until this point to make sure changes to the map have already gone in.

Anyway, I look forward to this. The e-book is about 100,000 words long at last check, so core updates will take a few days, but I'll be releasing each section individually as they're done (hopefully starting tonight).


Nov 1, 2013. The upcoming Season 4 changes look incredible, I'm going to be spending a lot of time on the PBE getting ready for the 13th edition of the e-book. In addition to big updates, I'll also be adding at least one large section for advanced players, but I need to see the new map layout before I can begin work on this (coincidentally, this affects three big sections right now).

You may notice the e-book is currently listed as being on a preseason sale. This is not just a sales gimmick: The e-book is going to be even larger in Season 4, and all of the extra time being invested in the product means the price is going up. The current sale price will last until the 13th edition, which should be released shortly after the preseason changes hit live servers. If this is before Christmas, then we'll continue with at least some holiday discount through then. As always, if you're already a member, this doesn't affect you at all as you'll get these updates free as part of your membership.

Since releasing the 12th edition, I've spent most of my time getting affiliate sales set up. If you're interested in selling Learn the League with a fantastic commission rate, please check out the new Affiliates page.

What's next? I'm going to be able to stream and get at least one more good YouTube video out in the next couple weeks, but most of my spare focus will be on diving into the preseason changes. They honestly look pretty incredible, a very smart set of changes from Riot.


Oct. 23rd, 2013. The 12th edition has been fully released and is now available for download! This brings a lot of new additions, including lots of new images to illustrate concepts, a much cleaner format, and significant additions made to every single section of the e-book. Separate of the champion transcripts, the e-book is now just under 300 pages long.

The 13th edition will be released shortly after the planned map, vision, item, and role changes Riot announced today are implemented into the game for Season 4. As always, if you're deciding whether to purchase Learn the League, keep in mind that updates are always free and you'll have access to future additions even if you buy now. 🙂


Oct. 18th, 2013. A couple weeks ago I released "The Impossible Decision" to e-book owners, and since then I was given the opportunity to take a look at the raw replay files for the World Finals. If you've read the section (or plan on it), here's a really good look at exactly what we're looking at:

And now for the news on the upcoming 12th edition! A mostly-complete version has been available to e-book owners since last Sunday, but there are still a couple brand new additions coming, once again with a mix for newer and more advanced players. While I had to redirect my attention to finishing up this video, I'm hoping to have the complete 12th edition out over the weekend.


Oct. 3rd, 2013. I've added a high level strategy section called "The Impossible Decision," and the timing couldn't be better. If you're planning on watching the World Finals tomorrow, make sure to grab this section and the companion movie, as it's very likely to be relevant to what we see tomorrow.

This is the big movie I was talking about in my last member announcement, and it's a big chunk of the new material for the 12th edition. From here, my goals are a little more technical for, in that I'd like to get both this site and the e-book downloads running on CDNs. After that I'll be covering the World Finals matches for the third Tactical Teamwork episode on YouTube, then I'll be finishing the 12th edition updates (some new content, a lot of game updates).

The artwork is coming along well. Here's a snapshot from a couple days ago on the background we'll be seeing:



Sept. 27th, 2013. Lots of cool stuff going on right now! First off, the site has been entirely redesigned from the ground up, and during this time I've disabled new sales. They should be available again within the next few days.

The new artwork around the site is the first step in an upcoming art piece I've commissioned from Ewa Labak. Here's her DeviantArt page; to say she's talented is an understatement, and I really look forward to the end result (which is likely to bring out quite a bit more color on the site). You'll also likely see it used in some new videos for my YouTube channel.

Hopefully everything is functional, even if it's still not complete. You should be able to log in and access your downloads, etc., using the form on the right.


With a cool new sales page for new customers, what's coming for current owners?

First off, I've added a big resource directory to the members area, with dozens of links and descriptions for the best League of Legends sites around the web. This has things you might not even be aware of if you're an avid Reddit reader, so make sure to check it out on your way to the downloads page.

Beyond this, the 12th edition is coming soon! (If you're reading this and not currently an owner, still buy the e-book now! New editions are always free for current owners!)

So what does this entail? I've had a particular video on my mind for about a month now that reaches into the absolute core of League of Legends strategy, and it's on a subject that I just haven't seen touched on in the broader community. I've been mentioning this on stream a lot because I keep thinking about it, but basically, once you watch this video you will understand about 75% of the big plays occurring in international tournaments, and you'll become a lot more aware of strategic maneuvers you can use to win games.

When Learn the League was first published, the Champion Guides were one of the strongest things offered. However, at this point I actually feel the Don't Feed transcripts are the weakest part of the whole guide, not because they've gotten worse, but because everything else has improved so much. I'm going to be taking it out of the main file -- but still making it available for download; I'm planning on replacing this with a very significant addition to the Members Area -- the idea (in concept, at least) is that I'm going to create a directory of all champions in a super-searchable form, giving information similar to the old Champion Minis series and providing links to solid champion guides, counter lists, etc. This is a huge project and it will probably take me about a month from start to finish, but I'll try to make it available for you guys in the process.

Aside from this, you'll probably see one more section added, and the rest of the updates will be getting sections up to date. Off the top of my head, the only major bits that are outdated have to do w/ Phage/Trinity Force and a couple other item changes.


Team Compositions & Season 3 World Finals

Something to watch out for -- most of the team compositions I added in the 11th edition have already been used in the games leading up to the World Finals. SK Telecom T1 with the super-mobility comps and Fnatic with assassins and extreme map mobility jump to mind. That section, along with the new video I'll be uploading soon, are huge things to take in if you want to understand the tournament scene better and get a little more enjoyment out of them (rather than relying on the casters to explain the pros and cons of each team comp, which they're usually decent at but often miss some key details).


In Closing

My goal is to continue to make sure this is the best product available and that it lives up to the hype I build for it. I hope you've enjoyed your purchase, and certainly I hope you'll enjoy the new additions (and editions) as they come up. Thanks so much for your purchase!


Patrick O'Callahan "Ciderhelm"