Affiliate Tools & Assets

Thanks for your interest in Learn the League affiliate sales! On this page you'll find a lot of tools that will help you promote the product. Keep in mind, there's absolutely no pressure on you, so only do what you're comfortable doing. That said, using the information here can give you a big edge in selling.

You'll need a Clickbank account to get started. If you don't have an account, click here to get started. Clickbank is a reputable site that I've used in the past as both an affiliate and a vendor. As an independent third party, they'll make sure your sales are tracked and that you're paid your commission.

As an affiliate, the most important rule is that you always need to use your specific link when promoting Learn the League. The hoplink you use is the only way your sales can be tracked and you can be compensated. You can generate user-readable links, encrypted links, or even 2d barcodes, and these are all covered in the "Links, Tools, and Assets" section below.


Already Have A League of Legends Following?

If you're an established YouTube partner (20,000+ subscribers), Twitch streamer (200+ regular audience size), professional team, or popular website owner or author, please contact me directly. Along with receiving a site membership for your review, we can also work on customizing pre-rolls, post-rolls, and custom banners for your audience (only if you actually want these assets). Verification is required, so please also contact me from your main account on YouTube or Twitch (my username is "Ciderhelm" on both platforms).


My Selling Tips

As many in the League of Legends community know, I marketed my e-book directly for more than a year before launching the affiliates program. Some may also know that I used to do affiliate sales for Xerxes Guide for Rift, and I used to sell another e-book I wrote on MMORPG tanking. Here's some things I've learned along the way!


Make it Personal

If you've got an audience that trusts you, don't treat this as another sponsorship or advertisement. Your audience wants to know that you believe in the product and that you personally think it will improve their experience. When you tell people about it, do it from the standpoint of a mentor or friend, and act natural.

If you're not already familiar with the e-book, you should consider picking it up. If you're an established, well-known YouTube creator, streamer, or fansite author/owner, you can also request a membership for review.


Ideas that Work

Here are some of the most effective phrases that have helped me sell the e-book:

  1. You'll get a lot more enjoyment out of this e-book than a few new skins;
  2. If you're not Gold ranked yet, chances are there's a lot you can learn from this;
  3. Learn the League offers a university-level education in League of Legends;
  4. It's not an e-book about champions, there are tons of champion guides out there. Learn the League gets into everything else, the tactics and the strategy that define the game;
  5. Learn the League is the most comprehensive guide ever written in the history of gaming;
  6. Do you have friends or family you want to bring into League of Legends? Learn the League is a great gift to get them started!

These are just a few things that have worked for me. You can also bring up how it's part of how you are earning money, or how there are thousands of members, or the 60-day return policy (it sounds counter-intuitive but letting people know they can return it brings more sales), or really anything else. If you're familiar with the e-book you can also bring up specific examples (I usually do this when I go on a rant about team comps, etc.).

Do what's natural to you. These are ideas that have worked for me, but your audience may be receptive to something else.


YouTube Tips

Here's a couple things I've learned about YouTube:

  1. Placing the link in the first two lines of your movie description is far more likely to bring people than anywhere else. I'll usually just do "Learn the League: [link]" when I'm aiming for this, but I try not to do it with all of my movies to avoid audience burnout.
  2. Your audience will quickly tune out ad-like annotations, even to the point of disabling them when they watch your movies. Only use these occasionally, if at all.
  3. A short personal pitch at the beginning works great; A longer pitch at the end of a high quality video also works great.
  4. If your video is amazing, you will have a much higher sales potential.

If you want an example, check out this video. I link the e-book in the first two lines of the description, then pitch the e-book in the last 20 seconds of the video. Because it's one of my higher quality videos, the sales are far higher than I get when dropping the link in a stream recap.

Putting it another way (which I'm sure some YouTube veterans can relate to), informational and higher quality videos won't always monetize wonderfully with normal advertisements compared to the work you put into them. But they are the strongest platform for selling Learn the League, and if you want to avoid link spam on all of your videos, prioritizing these ones is usually ideal.


Twitch & Streaming Tips

So first off, my streams have never been higher than about 1,500 viewers, and usually I'll only see a hundred or so viewers. I can't speak to the most effective selling strategy for large streams.

But what I've found with Twitch is that I'm most effective at selling by taking advantage of the personal atmosphere. I usually make sales by responding to a particular question from chat, both in a way that answers their question, but also plugs the e-book. You're improving their experience as a viewer by helping them, you're potentially also selling them a product that will also improve their experience, and in turn, you'll be earning some money for only a couple minutes of time. And, of course, you've got the rest of your audience interested as well.

Of course, make sure to have the link somewhere on your channel page as well.


Website & Blog Tips

As mentioned above, I used to sell Xerxes Guide for Rift, and I did this exclusively through my website. I was most effective by placing an ad at the top of the page (separate of the content), then making a personalized pitch for it at the bottom of the article I was writing (just above where users would comment). Like YouTube, sales were considerably better when I posted great, informational content as opposed to quick one-off updates.

I've also found that I pick up products which are linked naturally as part of the main article. Don't force a link in awkwardly, but if it fits what you're already saying (i.e. tips for beginners, etc.), consider doing it.

Websites are the biggest place where you need to make the pitch personal. People are accustomed to tuning out advertising.


Links, Tools, and Assets

The following is your affiliate link. "Sodacider" is my vendor name, which means this link will direct users to this site. Replace AFFILIATE with your Clickbank nickname:

Using this link is often ideal when you've got a close-knit community, as the link will likely include your username. But if you prefer more tracking tools, you can get an encrypted link or 2d barcode through the marketplace (covered in the Do It Yourself section below).

I recommend against using public link shorteners such as bitly. If you're an advanced user you can prettify links through your own domains, but a number of Clickbank users have reported issues with public services.


Twitch Blocks


This image is formatted to fit the standard 320px-wide Twitch block. To add this to a block, click "Admin" while logged in and visiting your channel page, then click "Edit." When creating a new block you'll need to first download this image, then upload this image from your computer, and then add the text you feel will work best with your audience.

When linking to the e-book within a Twitch block, use this markdown to link (replace AFFILIATE with your Clickbank nickname):

[Learn The League](


YouTube Video Pre-Rolls & Post-Rolls

Want to include a short promo in your video timeline? The file size for movie files are too prohibitive to put on this public page, but feel free to contact me to request these clips.

Though the video is about 15 seconds long, this is strictly for editing purposes when you need to match a pause or match audio. I strongly recommend cutting the actual length of this down to 5-8 seconds for use without voiceover.


Website, WordPress, and Advertising Assets

The following are designed for website owners and affiliate marketers. You'll need to download these and host them on your own site. You can find more in the Do It Yourself section at the bottom of the page.


E-Book Cover


This image is ideal for sidebars, widgets, and other blocks on your site.


300 x 250 Block Advertisements

300xDarkText 300xLightText 300xSimple


728 x 90 Banner Advertisements




160 x 600 Sidebar Advertisement




Do It Yourself

Here's a link to the full size e-book image if you'd like to resize it to your own dimensions, and here's a very small version if you're trying to fit it in somewhere without a lot of vertical space. You can also download the full size text title.

If you'd prefer a private encrypted link or you want a 2d barcode for Learn the League, follow these steps:

Step 1

Enter the Clickbank Marketplace.

Step 2

Search "Learn the League" or "Ciderhelm's Learn the League."

Step 3

Find the official listing (my vendor name is Sodacider) and click "Promote." Doing so will give you an encrypted link and a 2d barcode which you can use however you'd like.