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As a rule, I respond to customer service messages as soon as possible, which often means a response within just a few minutes. However, if I'm asleep, on the road, or in a live event (such as a business call or live stream), there may be a delay in getting back to you.

If you wish to contact me for reasons unrelated to either business inquiries or the e-book, you're more likely to get a response using the appropriate platform (YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc.).

Absolutely! Once you've completed your purchase, go ahead and contact me either through the contact form here or through the direct e-mail listed in the Owners area. From there, I'll be able to change the account name, e-mail, and password -- your personal information does not need to be compromised in any way. The only thing I ask is that you contact me quickly, ideally within 1-2 days of purchase.

Written sections of the E-Book are saved in PDF format and can be read on personal computers, as well as most modern mobile devices. If you don't already have a means of opening PDF files and you're using a personal computer, check out the official download link.

Video content is primarily delivered in .mp4 format, which can also be viewed on most devices.

At this time, the e-book is not available on platforms such as Kindle. As an avid Kindle user, I know how much people would enjoy this format, and I'm still looking into these kinds of publishing options. However, there are two problems with delivering to platforms such as Kindle:

  1. There's a lot of video content that often cannot be delivered as part of a traditional book purchase;
  2. The e-book gets updated on a regular basis, often with fairly big additions.

I'll be looking into other platforms to sell this product. If I feel I can deliver the same quality of product through multiple publishing platforms I may consider pursuing this in the future.

As mentioned throughout the sales page, updates to the e-book are totally free for current owners, meaning you can purchase it now and download updates a year from now (or longer).

The best ways to find out about e-book updates are to follow my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or streams. Updates are always big projects and I tend to talk about them a lot on those platforms.

In late 2013 I commissioned Ewa Labak to produce artwork for Learn the League and other projects of mine (such as YouTube). Though there were some broad guidelines for what I was looking for, the design and creativity is entirely a credit to her talent. You can find more of her work by checking out her deviantart gallery.

The Learn the League introduction video was created by Kevin Michael Johnson, more well known as "Cloaken," who went on to become a Starcraft 2 Community Manager.

Once you've paid for an account, the account will normally be set up within just a couple minutes. If you haven't received account information yet, check your spam inbox to be sure, then feel free to immediately contact me via the Contact form on this page.

There are two potential problems that can cause this. The first one is very easy to diagnose:

Did you create an account during free registration in 2012? If so, and if you're having this problem, contact me with the form on the right.

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If you are unable to successfully download files from the owners area there are three things that may be causing an issue:

  1. Download accelerators that try to create multiple connections to the server may cause issues. If you're using a download accelerator, consider temporarily disabling it or using a different browser.
  2. An unstable connection may interrupt your download on larger files. If you are unable to download the full e-book, the individual sections are also available for download by themselves.
  3. It's possible for some browser add-ons to cause issues with the file downloads. Consider disabling these add-ons or using a different browser.

While I've set the download limit to a fairly high number, if you do happen to run into an issue with the download limit as a result of these issues, contact me directly with the contact form on the right.

Don't worry, this is a common mistake! Using the wrong e-mail address or accidentally putting in a typo happens. Just use the Contact form on the right and I'll get this resolved for you as soon as possible.

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Please contact me immediately using the Contact form on the right.

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